Flex Enterprise
Upgrades On Your Terms

FLEX Enterprise

FLEX Enterprise services are integrated offerings enabling you to upgrade your Internet capacity and Business Phone services as needed. Each FLEX Enterprise service includes a Business Phone component and a low latency, synchronous Enterprise form of Internet access. These two items are then complemented with one thousand minutes of outbound Long Distance, a Toll-Free Number, Static IP address, Remote Diagnostics and more.

FLEX Enterprise service, an integrated Business Phone & Internet offering

Business Phone Components include:

  • Business Plus Local Lines with six calling features
  • SIP Trunking: offers scalability, redundancy and the most current voice technology.
  • PRI: digital voice trunks available with 10, 14 or 23 channel capabilities.
  • DID: both SIP and PRI are available with DID (direct inward dialing) numbers.

Business Internet Components include:

  • BIS or Business Internet Service: Fiber-based synchronous service built on our dependable dual-routed network. 
  • DIA or Dedicated Internet Access: An Enterprise-grade dedicated synchronous Internet service provisioned over our fiber network.