Preferred Carrier Freeze/Long Distance

Request For Preferred Carrier Freeze/Long Distance 

Many of our customers have had their long distance service provider changed without their consent. This practice is known a “slamming”. In order to better serve you and keep you from getting your service changed without authorization,we are now providing a service for our customers who would like to have more control over their telephone service. This service is called a preferred Carrier Freeze. A Preferred Carrier Freeze prevents a change in a subscriber’s service without the consent of the subscriber. The Preferred Carrier Freeze can be placed on your long distance service provider. 

Once the Preferred Carrier Freeze is in place, the freeze can only be lifted by you, either by written or oral authorization. The authorization required for the lifting of the Preferred Carrier Freeze is in addition to the regular verification process required to change to a different telephone service. The written authorization must be signed and state your intent to lift a Preferred Carrier Freeze.It should also include your billing name and address and each telephone number to be affected. The oral authorization can be initiated by the customer or can be a three-way conference call with you, the carrier to which you wish to switch, and one of our service representatives

I would like to place a Preferred Carrier Freeze on the following services and telephone number:

By submitting your name, your digital signature is authorizing the preferred carrier freeze request.